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About Us

Living Above Average Ministries was founded and established in 2019 by Angie Sartain.  Angie’s years of life have been experienced by many. Going through the motions became the new normal. Working, cleaning, paying bills, and sleeping is necessary, but there is more than these mundane tasks to life.


As an ordained minister, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, and life coach, Angie’s passion is to help others live a life above average. That includes living a whole life spiritually, physically, and emotionally. An abundant life is meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and eternal. Is this what you are ready for?  If you would like more information you can contact Angie today at


Angie Sartain

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The LAA Team

The Team

The team consists of a group of people that have chosen to live life above average.  Their testimonies show that no matter the circumstances, abundant life is actually possible.  


When the team sits around the table, a multitude of expertise is brought.  Our founder is Angie Sartain (mentioned above). Her energetic personality is contagious and empowers others to live a life above average. 

Stephanie Schell is a credentialed minister and is the connection and discipleship pastor in Salina, KS.  Her passion is to teach, educate and discipline others.  Her compassion for those in need fuels her desire for everyone to know that abundant life is actually possible.  


Pam Barber,  is an ordained minister, who also co-pastors with her husband in Ellsworth, KS is multi-talented, creative, an encourager, worship leader, theater director, and a prayer warrior. Through a variety of leadership positions in the Kansas District of Assemblies of God, she is an example of living above average. 


Crystal Chenoweth, a licensed pastor, and the worship leader with her husband in Salina, KS, has a love for people and a zest for learning. Her professional business and organizational skills have helped many pursue a life above average. 


Janet Carlson, an ordained minister who traveled the world with her husband was a Colonel Chaplain in the Air Force. She has extensive experience providing support to military families, acquiring cultural diversity, and helping others to learn to live above average.   

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